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Free Financial Advice

Through the generous support of the United Way National Capital Area and other partners, CAFE is able to offer high-quality financial coaching at no cost to our community in the Montgomery County area.

Financial Coaching is an opportunity to receive ongoing, unlimited, one-on-one support to reach your financial goals! Our trained coaches work individually with participants and help them to achieve personal financial goals such as eliminating debt, rebuilding credit, and developing spending plans. There are no income guidelines for this program, and anyone can take advantage of this free service.

Some examples of goals that our coaches can help you with:

  • Developing a budget or spending plan
  • Improve or build credit
  • Paying down debt
  • Achieve a short-term savings goal (e.g., establishing emergency savings, purchasing a car)
  • Finding a bank account or another financial product that works for you.
  • On-going support while you work to implement your financial plan

To learn more or get started with our Financial Coaching program, click here.

Over 20 Benefits Programs

Having trouble getting by each month? You may qualify to receive local, state or federal benefits.

CAFE is now partnering with EarnBenefits/Seedco to provide a free program that helps you apply for public benefits! Benefits include food, utilities, energy assistance, health, medication, housing, phones, tax credits, and more!

CAFE can help you or someone in your household connect to over 20 benefit programs. CAFE can also help you through the application process. To make a free virtual appointment register here.

CAFE Montgomery has case managers that can help determine your eligibility for public benefit programs using EarnBenefitsOnline. EarnBenefitsOnline (or “EBO”) is a web based tool that is used to help clients more easily apply for a variety of benefit programs. EBO shortens and simplifies the application process by providing a one stop portal for over 20+ different benefit programs, as well as case management tools. Your EarnBenefits Screening is a 100% free service, and you can learn more about the program at www.earnbenefits.org.

Small, focused classes to empower YOU

CAFE offers regular classes available to everyone. They cover many different financial topics from improving credit, building assets, tracking income and expenses, planning for retirement, and more. As always, all of our offerings are free of charge and low-pressure. Feel free to bring your questions to classes--we're here to help!

Need help with your taxes?

We partner with Montgomery County Community Action Agency to offer free tax preparation.

In-person and virtual appointments are available now!

  • Certified tax preparers complete and file your taxes FOR FREE.
  • Appointments available to prepare current year (2021) and prior years (2018, 2019, and 2020) federal and state returns and amended returns.
  • For Montgomery County residents only (including ITIN holders) with household incomes of $58,000 or less.

All VITA sites serve taxpayers filing with ITINs. We can help you obtain an ITIN to file your taxes if you do not already have one. Information about ITINs can be found on the IRS' website.

Free Tax Preparation

Virtual Appointments

Mon, Fri: 11 am - 5 pm

In-person Appointments

Tue, Wed, Thu: 11 am - 5 pm
1401 Rockville Pike, Suite 320, Rockville, MD 20852

Walk-in (First Come, First Served)

Tue, Thu: 2 - 4 pm
1401 Rockville Pike, Suite 320, Rockville, MD 20852

Earned Income Tax Credits

If you earned less than $58,000 in 2021, you may qualify for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). The maximum federal EITC is $6,728. Eligibility and credit amount depends on your income, family size, and other factors. Calculate your federal EITC.

If you file with an ITIN, you may also qualify for the Maryland EITC, and in Montgomery County, for the Working Families Income Supplement:

Maryland Earned Income Tax Credit

The State of Maryland offers an additional Earned Income Tax Credit, matched by Montgomery County’s Working Families Income Supplement.

Montgomery County Working Families Income Supplement

The Montgomery County Working Families Income Supplement is a 100% match of the state EITC for eligible county residents. To receive this credit, residents must file a Maryland Tax return.

Renters' and Homeowners' Tax Credits

Have you applied for the Renters' Tax Credit or Homeowners' Property Tax Credit?

VITA tax preparers can help eligible residents apply for the Renters' Tax Credit and the Homeowners' Property Tax Credit. The deadline to apply for both credits is September 30, 2022.

More information can be found on the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition website.


Our Story



CAFE Montgomery MD engages community partners and volunteers in advocacy to promote policies that advance the financial well-being of all Montgomery County residents, especially the most vulnerable. The Coalition's purpose is to promote and deliver high quality financial education to county residents of all ages, communities and ethnic groups. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools for making informed decisions about saving, spending, borrowing and managing credit. Financial literacy affects our ability to lead production and fulfilling lives, and to ensure that our money works for us, instead of working for our money.





The Montgomery County Coalition for Financial Literacy (MCCFL), now known as the Coalition for the Advancement of Financial Education (CAFE), was formed in January 2005. Members consisted of staff and volunteers from the Montgomery County Office of Consumer Affairs, Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs, Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, and the University of Maryland-Cooperative Extension Services. CAFE Montgomery MD has grown into an organization of county government agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses, financial services professionals and volunteers.


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