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If you would like more information about other CAFEMontgomeryMD and the services and programs offered, please contact us at:

Phone: (866) 601-4811 ext. 101

Mail: P.O. Box 294, Gaithersburg, MD 20884


Ronald Jennings, Sr., Chair, Executive

The Jennings Business Group, LLC

Joel Goldberg, Treasure, Finance

Pincus & Goldberg, Chartered

Sue Rogan, Co-Chair; Program

CASH Campaign of Maryland

Niambi Powell, Chair Secretary, Co-Chair; Program

City of Rockville

Myriam Torrico, At large Business-Mont. Co Gov't

Montgomery County Housing & Community Affairs

Tawana Lofton, Chair Financial Symposium

City of Gaithersburg Community Services

KC Cole, Chair, Program

Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union

Reyna Stagnoli, Chair, Membership

Montgomery County Department of Health &Human Services